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Staff and Governors


Our School Staff

Headteacher                                                            Mrs M Taylor

Assistant Headteacher

/Acting Headteacher                                             Mrs A Harvey

Class teacher Foundation Class                          Mrs E Massey

Class teacher Foundation Class                          Mrs R Jackson

Class teacher Foundation Class                          Miss J Carruthers

Class teacher                                                           Miss J Blenkharn

Class teacher                                                           Mrs T Rodda

Class teacher                                                           Mr L Andrews

Class teacher                                                           Miss L McDermott

Class teacher                                                           Mrs J Ager

Class teacher                                                           Miss N Dixon

Class teacher                                                           Mrs L Day







Office Manager

Mrs E McCullough

Senior Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Holmes

Mrs B Graves

Mrs M Pike

Mrs G Winspear

Mrs L Marley

Mrs L Whitehead

Miss G Baird

Miss S McMullen

Mrs A Culverwell

Mrs R Copley

Teaching Assistant

Ms T Jordan

Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs L Whitehead / Mrs G Winspear / Miss McMullen / Mrs Culverwell

Mid-day Supervisors Nursery

Mrs Graves/Mrs Marley/ Ms T Jordan

Out of School Club - Wigglebugs

(Breakfast Club and After School Club)


Senior Staff - Mrs M Pike

Support Staff -  Mrs L Marley / Mrs G Winspear / Mrs B Graves

Ms T Jordan /  Mrs A Culverwell / Miss McMullen 

Mrs Proud / Mrs Watson 

Catering Team

Cook Mrs S Proud

Cook Mrs L Watson

Kitchen Assistant Mrs L Watson

Kitchen Assistant Mrs G Little

Kitchen Assistant Mrs L Horrobin

Kitchen Assistant Mrs S Bibby




Our School Governors

All Governors serve a four year term

Mr A Turnbull                   Co-opted (Chair)               NA   

Mrs C Mavin                      Co-opted (Vice-Chair)      NA

Reverend P Dorling            Foundation (ex-officio)

Foundation                         Vacant pending appointment 

Mrs G Dixon                      Parent                                   6/1/2016 - 6/1/2020

Mr G Kidd                          Parent                                   23/9/2013 - 22/9/2021

Mrs H McDermott              Parent                                   26/9/2013 - 26/9/2019

Mrs N Gordon                    LA                                         29/11/2017-28/11/2021

Miss L McDermott              Staff                                       1/9/2017 - 31/8/2018             

Mrs M Taylor                     Staff (Headteacher)



Mrs L Whitehead                Associate Member     2/12/2011 - Oct 2015

(with voting rights)


Mrs J Bowman                    Parent                         7/5/2012    - July 2015

Ms J Clarke                        Foundation                  30/1/2015 - Nov 2017


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