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School Meals Milk Fruit Drinking Water

Mrs Proud and Mrs Watson are our cooks.


Mrs Watson, Mrs Little and Ms Horrobin are our kitchen assistants.



We are delighted to have been awarded 5 STARS again by The Environmental Health Department, Eden District Council for extremely high standards in the quality of our meals, procedures and premises

This has been achieved by hard work from all our catering staff and we wish to congratulate them for their achievement

Well Done!


October 2018




School Meal

We operate our school meal service from our own kitchen on the premises. Meals are cooked daily using only fresh and locally sourced produce.  There is a main meal of the day, consisting of varied and appetising meals such as spaghetti bolognese, chicken curry and rice and roast lunch.  Alternatively, there is a jacket potato with filling if preferred, although we do encourgage children to try the main meal.  Additionally, there is always fresh bread and a salad bowl available. Main course is followed by a dessert of the day. All meals meet current food and nutritional standards for school meals.

Our three weeks menu progtamme is available on the website.  We ask parents to notify us if their child dislikes any particular meal.  On this day, we will provide the alternative meal.  However, if we are not advised of any changes, the children are offered the main meal of the day.

We aim to ensure meal times are an enjoyable and social occasion, with table cloths, cutlery already laid and white crockery (no nasty plastic flight trays!).

The school staff serve the children at their table, and a designated pupil at each table assists with serving helpings of fresh vegetables, salad and bread.

We are very proud of the quality of our school meals and the number of children having a meal is consistently high.     

We aim to keep the price of meals as low as possible, without compromising quality and quantity.  The cost of a meal is presently 2 pounds 20 pence per day - 11.00 pounds per week (Year 3 and above - see UFSM information below).   We believe this represents excellent value for money, especially in the current economic climate.

Dinner money can be paid via our online payments system - Eduspot, you will receive a text/email advising of the amount owing.  If a child is absent, a credit is carried forward to the following week or term, and should be deducted from the next payment.  If however, a child goes home after meal numbers have been confirmed with the cook, (usually at around 9.30 a.m. each morning), the meal will still need to be paid for as it will have been already ordered. 

If children choose to bring a packed lunch, they also sit in the dining hall but at separate tables to those pupils having a school meal.


From September 2014, we will be complying with the Government's Free Universal School Meals for Infants policy.  All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will be entitled to a free school meal.

Guidance regarding free school meal entitlement, based on family income, is available from the school office.

From 2014, we have updated our menu information to comply with regulations regarding allergens - see each menu for further details.


School Milk

Free milk is provided up to the age of five years under the Government's milk scheme for schools, however we will provide free milk during the Reception year to all pupils.  From Year 1, a one third pint carton of semi-skimmed milk can be purchased for 18 pence per day (payable in advance for the whole half term).  Again payment is made via for the whole half term, you will receive a text/email with the amount owing. The school subsidises the cost of the paid school milk, so we do not offer credits when a child is absent.


Fresh Fruit

A piece of fresh fruit is provided free of charge to all children upto and including Year 2.  From Year 3 onwards, pupils are welcome to bring their own piece of fruit from home, but we do not allow sweets, chocolate or crisps.

Drinking Water

We have fresh water drinking filters in school so children are able to access fresh, cooled water when they require it.  Each child is issued with a plastic drinking bottle (the first bottle is free and replacements can be purchased for 50 pence or a bottle top only costs 10 pence),  the bottles are named and kept in school until Friday when they should be taken home to be thoroughly cleaned and returned on Monday morning.



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