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Parent Teacher Association
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Welcome to High Hesket School Parents, Teachers Association

Every parent at High Hesket School is a member of the Association.

PTA Chairman’s Message – September 2014

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

As the Summer holidays have come and gone I thought it would be useful to provide an update on the PTA activities and to provide new parents with some information on what we do.

Every parent or carer at High Hesket School is automatically a member of the PTA. We have a regular core of parents who are actively involved but as children get older and leave the school we obviously loose the parents. We are therefore always looking for more help. It is a great way of getting to know both parents and staff at the school. So why not pop along to one of our meetings which are always highlighted on the school calendar. In addition if you have any ideas for alternative ways to raise funds for the school, perhaps fund-raising events you have seen at other schools, the PTA are always happy to look at and incorporate new suggestions.

Many people through the course of the year often ask why people get involved in the PTA. For me it is simply that like my two children, I love High Hesket School and it is important to me to support the good work of the many people that make it the place it is. As my son Benjamin once told me, the school belongs to the children and I feel as parents we can do so much to enrich every childs school experience. All the money making events that the school do are things that are enjoyable for children and fun for adults to attend too. I often think that these are the things that a child remembers about their time at school such as the class trips, the Summer fete and the Christmas Fair.

In these busy times it is understandable that not everybody can help with events but even sparing 5 minutes can make all the difference. Help with setting up or helping to tidy up will always be taken up. So my message is that any parents that can help will be most welcome and please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lastly I would like to thank all the PTA who have contributed so much over the year and I hope you all had an enjoyable Summer......which flew by!



James England

PTA Chairman



Tel: 07831 241771











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