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School Closure Information

School closure


The school will always operate on the basis that it will open unless overnight weather conditions are so extreme that there would be significant risk to pupils and staff in getting to school.  Where weather conditions have a significant effect on the numbers of staff and pupils that can reach school, a decision not to open will be made as early as possible on the relevant morning.


Local media outlets (CFM Radio and Radio

Cumbria) will be contacted immediately, as will our local school bus contractors. If overnight/morning weather conditions are poor, please listen to one of these radio stations for information.  If possible, a sign will be posted at the school premises indicating that school will not open.  It will not be possible to telephone each family to advise that the school will not open, however we will send a text message via our text messaging service.


In the separate event that weather conditions deteriorate during a normal school day, the school will implement its School Closure Procedures.  The local media will be contacted immediately with details of the school closure and parents will be notified of the closure via our text messaging service.  You will be asked to telephone school to make arrangements for your child, whether they are to go home on the school buses, or to stay in school until you are able to arrange collection.  It is therefore essential that the mobile phone you have nominated as your emergency contact number is in use at all times.

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